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South African construction industry

ResoLex South Africa Anton Krause

Anton Krause

Managing Director of ResoLex South Africa

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The construction industry is a significant contributor to employment and growth in South Africa, however the industry has been in a slump since the 2010 Soccer World Cup projects. The 2015 financial year got off to a poor start, with the construction industry being adversely impacted by the metal-workers strike in July 2014 and further instances of labour unrest internally and at clients and suppliers throughout the country. This resulted in delays on significant private and government projects in the country.

Government’s Infrastructure Plan aims to address the infrastructure needs of South Africa over the next few years, however this will require input from and co-ordination with the various construction industry stakeholders in the sector in order for these projects to be delivered successfully.

ResoLex South Africa

In order to serve South African market, ResoLex partners up with RAG Strategist, and Anton Krause heads up as managing director at ResoLex South Africa to deliver our best services in the market.


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Address: Unit 11, Greenwich Grove, Duke Street, Roudebosch, Cape Town, South Africa

About Anton Krause

Anton is a professionally registered Construction Health and Safety Agent, specialising in Corporate Litigation, Risk and Change Management within the behavioural sciences paradigm. He successfully completed his M.A. (Business Studies) after achieving special honours for his Bachelor of Commerce degree.

His continuous professional development has focussed on numerous Occupational Health and Safety courses in both the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Anton is Chairman and Managing Director of the Association of Construction Health and Safety Management (SA), a Competent Registered Design Risk Management Consultant and Registered CDM Coordinator of the Association of Project Safety (UK), Associate Member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (UK), Associate Member of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (UK), a member of the International Product Safety and Liability Prevention Association (USA), a registered Professional Construction Health and Safety Agent (SA), a Construction Health and Safety Auditor of the Building Industry Federation (SA) ,a Registered Occupational Safety Coordinator of the Institute of Safety Management (SA) and a qualified mediator.

In 2010 he was invited to advise the Professional Consultants Services Agreement Committee (PROCSA) in terms of the evaluation and appointment of Construction Health and Safety Agents, and to attend the specialist advisory panel to the South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) regarding the continuous professional development and registration of the Construction Health and Safety Agents, Construction Health and Safety Managers and Construction Health and Safety Officers. He also holds a four year term serving on the Disciplinary Committee for the South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions.

He has written many articles for both local and international newsletters and magazines and has also participated as presenter at various national built environment conferences.