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Rod Willis

Rod Willis

Rod Willis

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Rod Willis. FRSA, FCMI, MSc, MBA is a co-founder and director of a Behavioural Change organisation Assentire Ltd, which specialises in enhancing collaboration across many different sectors.   This requires the ability to continuously develop deeper understanding for selection and development for key staff across multiple professional service sectors.  Since 2010, he has specialised in Group Dynamics, developing different methods to measure & increase awareness so teams have the capability to become self-organisation if they wish to do so.  He is an Electronics Systems Engineer by background with some 30 years’ experience and has worked on a number of highly complex, multi-million pound projects throughout Europe and Asia.

He develops and supports a number of programmes with the more recent detailed below.

  • CoachingOurselves Programme by Professor Henry Mintzberg, enhancing collaboration & management skill development through managers learning together, from a library of over 80 topics
  • Facilitating The Windsor Leadership Trust programme for UK and Canadian Public Service senior managers
  • Executive Coaching supporting The Management Shift Programme developed by Professor Vlatka Hlupic from Westminster University
  • Guest lecturer for the MSc Continuous Improvement for Public Services in Westminster by the University of Buckingham

He is the creator and developer of the Innovation Audit 2.0 framework. A tool & approach specifically designed to help others explore Group Dynamics.  This framework has robust theoretical foundations, yet is presented in a highly practical format for everyday facilitation.  This framework has captured the attention of the British Computer Society, Agile Business Consortium, and the Deming Alliance, resulting in workshops and speaking events to share this approach.  In the fall of 2016, the first ‘Innovation Audit’ Smartphone APP was released, sharing these ideas globally.

He is an APECS Accredited Executive Coach, International Talent Advisory Board Fellow and a Legal Education & Training Group Recommended Provider.  He experiences many different perspectives from multiple sectors and supports his practice with a robust psychological underpinning.  He is listed on the ‘Register of Qualifications in Test Use’  (RQTU) managed by the British Psychological Society and is qualified to practice a broad range of best-in-class assessment tools.

Above all, he remains passionate about the positive outcomes that can be achieved when People, Knowledge, Process & Enabling Technology come together in an integrated way.

An experienced leader and problem solver, who adopts a fully collaborative approach, his strength lies in his ability to motivate and influence large numbers of people, all who have different needs and business objectives.

His focus and passion is enhancing collaboration wherever he can.