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Mar 26

ResoLex Talks – Understand the Impact the “Project Environment” has on Collaboration by Rod Willis

How do you create an environment where desired behaviours are possible, enabling the project team to take full advantage of collaborative networks? The P13 Blueprint highlights these two points directly, but what can you do to quickly understand your ‘project environment’ and what you need to do about it?

What if all you had to do was ask 10 statements, and from the answers, you would have the knowledge to create the optimum project environment, enabling autonomous motivation while developing a more expansive mindset, now knowing what really gets in the way of major change initiatives.

In this talk, Rod Willis will discuss a project’s ‘ENVIRONMENT DYNAMIC’ including:

1. EXPLORE: Project 13 through the lens of Environment Dynamics
2. HIGHLIGHT: Two aspects of ‘ENABLE’ & ‘ENGAGE’ critical to the ‘project environment’
3. DEFINE: The Group & Environment Dynamics and how these shine a light on projects
4. MINDSET: Aspects that dictate what we perceive across our projects
5. MOTIVATION: What we can do in the environment to maximise potential?
6. SERIOUS PLAY: Bring your project to life, enabling you to explore your own project environment in full confidence

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