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Museum of Making – Silk Mill

Project Overview

Derby’s Silk Mill is the site of the world’s first factory and is currently undergoing a £16.4m programme to create a inspirational and active Museum of Making – locally designed and delivered; globally significant. The Museum of Making will be co-produced with our communities, inspiring future generations of makers, creators and innovators.

What do we do for this project

This is the first project ResoLex works alongside with IPInitiative (Integrated Project Initiative) and provides the RADAR monitoring service that fits well with IPI model on the refurbishment of the Derby Silk Mill.

We deliver the RADAR service in accordance with the service schedule laid out below:

  • RADAR Workshop – facilitated by ResoLex to identify the initial indicators to be monitored.
  • System Setup – build the background system with virtual delivery team model and survey built on agreed indicators
  • RADAR cycles – update users, run survey and generate RADAR report.
  • The RADAR report provides insight of the project to the IPT board so the board can take the survey results into consideration and action accordingly to ensure the project environment is on track and the project is running smoothly and collaboratively.