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Clapham Park

Stephen Woodward

Stephen Woodward

Commercial Director

Patrick Watson

Panel Member

Project Overview

Clapham Park covers 36 hectares in the London Borough of Lambeth, situated between Brixton, Streatham, Balham and Clapham.

The South London estate won £56million as part of the New Deal for Communities programme to improve the area for its residents. Created in consultation with the local community, including residents and stakeholders, the visionary masterplan was to provide Clapham Park residents with good quality, well managed and maintained homes at affordable rents. In addition, the area was to be revitalised with a network of new parks and open spaces, cleaner and safer streets, better transport, good schools, and a range of community facilities.

Outline planning consent for the overall development was obtained in June 2008. By the time the masterplan is completed in 2025 there will be well in excess of 3,200 homes on the estate, made up of a combination of refurbished and new build homes for rent, shared ownership and outright sale.

Our Role

ResoLex was brought on board to work with the development team and run RADAR. With such an important project carried out in consultation with a diverse group of stakeholders within the community, it was imperative that communication be increased, improved and ultimately effective.

ResoLex worked alongside the development team with contracters directly involved in new building, refurbishment, and the associated supply chain. Using RADAR, ResoLex established a new baseline of potential risks across the numerous stakeholders, businesses, and construction contractors involved in the project. The result of this process identified a number of blockers to progress, and allowed mitigation plans to be put into effect and closely monitored.

Our Role
  • The use of the RADAR methodology and toolkit ensured that stakeholders had a unified and mutual understanding for the objective of the project overall.
  • Further to this, RADAR provided the project manager with signals of increasing risk on the project which in turn led to improved risk management.
  • RADAR horizon scanning gave the management team the ability to administer varied perceptions across the team.