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Jul 23

Welcome our new panel member – Bill Taylor

We are pleased to have a new panel member, Bill Taylor, joining our ResoLex Panel. Bill Taylor MSc, CEng, FCMI, MIET, MICW “Helping businesses and people to operate at their very best”. Bill draws upon his extensive experience from the military, industry and academia in developing effective business relationships and collaborations. Bill... read more →
Feb 07

Roundtable Output – Building a Supply chain Alliance

ResoLex Round Table – 1 February 2018   Building a Supply chain Alliance.  A case study from Surrey Highways and Kier Services using a FAC1 framework agreement   Speakers David Mosey – Director, Centre of Construction Law, Kings College Keith Coleman, Head of Supply Management, Surrey council Nigel Owers, Commercial... read more →
Jan 31

Welcome our new panel member – Mike Pollard

We are pleased to have a new panel member, Mike Pollard, joining our ResoLex Panel. Mike Pollard B.A (Hons), DipM, MCIPS, MICW is the founder and director of the consultancy Acieca Limited which specialises in providing support on procurement, supply chain management and supporting teams and organisations to collaborate effectively. Mike... read more →
Aug 10

Investing in Infrastructure: ‘One-Way Bet’ or ‘Booby Trap’?

Infrastructure has traditionally been regarded as a low risk, long-term yielding asset class.  As a relatively new classification, it has outperformed return projections as it bedded in.  As returns from other sectors have been eroded, new investors have been attracted to the segment and existing infrastructure investors have been allocating... read more →
Jul 05
Jun 30
Jun 25
Jun 21

Edward Moore presents at IOW annual conference

I see collaboration as a three Legged stall. The three legs to the stool to create a truly collaborative project are technical intelligence, commercial intelligence, and behavioural intelligence. But before leaping in to the addition of behavioural intelligence to our stool it's worth taking a moment to... read more →
Jun 08
May 17