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Apr 10
Mar 26
Mar 12

ResoLex Talks – The Magic of Conflict by Jane Gunn

How do you get people to WORK TOGETHER in a fast-changing business environment, across internal and geographic boundaries and multiple functions when they have different priorities, incentives and ways of doing things? What if the MAGIC INGREDIENT was a simple process that could be learned by everyone and put... read more →
Feb 27

CIHT – Return of the Integrator Workshop Interview Video

The Integrator role has been introduced into recent major procurements - some would say re-introduced – as an enabler for generating greater collaboration and effective delivery of major projects. But what exactly is the role and how will it work? How does it fit within the contractual framework and... read more →
Feb 13

Roundtable Output – Understand the Impact the “Project Environment” has on Collaboration – February 2019

Wednesday 6th February 2019 Rod Willis | APECS Accredited Executive Coach | Windsor Leadership Trust Leadership Facilitator | Agile Business Consortium’s Strategy & Leadership Stream member | Co-founder of Assentire Ltd, Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere®      Rod opened the session by sharing where in Project 13, there are multiple references highlighting the... read more →
Feb 06
Jan 31
Jan 22
Jan 10
Jul 23

Welcome our new panel member – Bill Taylor

We are pleased to have a new panel member, Bill Taylor, joining our ResoLex Panel. Bill Taylor MSc, CEng, FCMI, MIET, MICW “Helping businesses and people to operate at their very best”. Bill draws upon his extensive experience from the military, industry and academia in developing effective business relationships and collaborations. Bill... read more →