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Case Study – The Enterprise Centre in University of East Anglia

A case study of this award winning project “The Enterprise Centre” was published in Project Magazine (APM) Spring Issue in 2018.

Research from University of East Anglia shows how earlier identification of risks can save time and money on projects

The inbuilt human behavioural trait of over-optimistic reporting means that standard risk management techniques encourage the “burying” of risks

The early warnings gave the asset delivery team the opportunity to discuss and resolve issues

ResoLex recently collaborated with Dr. John French at the University of East Anglia and Patrick Watson of 3PM to produce a Case Study on this award-winning Case – The Enterprise Centre. This study shows that applying an early warning mechanism to projects can identify early-stage risks and allow project teams to manage and resolve issues collaboratively.

University of East Anglia, Project Magazine, The Enterprise Centre

The effective delivery of capital projects is rarely understood fully at the actual time of delivery.The commissioning, construction and operation of a new facility requires the engagement of a substantial number of stakeholder groups.

Following the nature of this industry, ResoLex offers our experience and expertise in embedding behavioural collaboration and facilitating the project team to optimise project performance and reduce the potential risks through engaging stakeholders and closely analysing the data to provide an early warning mechanism.

You can download the case study above, watch the video and download our RADAR brochure to learn more about our unique offer and to see how we can make a difference for you and your project.