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As projects growing size they also tend to become more complex. Major projects require input from a wide range of people from different technical professional backgrounds often working in different locations. Studies on the management of complexity highlight the need for collaborative techniques to improve communication, build trust and find novel solutions.

Based on our research into team performance, group dynamics and integrated working, we have developed a series of tools and techniques that teams can quickly adopt to set up a collaborative project environment.

Our toolkit includes the following implements.


The effectiveness of any tool will of course depend on the skill of the person using it. Our methodology is designed to help our clients develop the skills that will enable them to take the learning from one project onto the next.

Setting up for success

To build an effective team, it is essential to invest the time in setting the right behaviours for the team to work in a collaborative manner. There are a series of activities that must be done at the very start of a the project , ideally as part of the kick off workshop. To download a our ‘5 Star Project Set Up model, click here.