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Resolex is an independent consultancy specialising in the management of complexity on major projects

Our speciality

Our speciality is helping project teams work through the challenges that are thrown up the many variables arise on complex issues, particularly through the different relationships that must be established and nurtured, both within the team and with the project stakeholders. Rather than resorting to simplification, we help the team recognise the various interdependencies that create complexity, to identify a plan of action that will increase the chances of a successful outcome.
We have developed a range of tools, processes and techniques designed to provide practical answers to difficult questions. These applications are build around a three point platform that takes advantage of the latest thinking around team behaviours, new communications technology, and our collective experience in working on major projects.

Our Values

Innovation – Finding new approaches to difficult problems requires a mix of expertise, current theory and technology.
Collaboration – We believe that genuine collaboration and teamwork are the only way to manage complex projects.
Success – We have the passion and belief that we can help projects be successful. Believe we can provide a personal and organisational rewarding.
Expertise – The challenges thrown up by major projects require a community of expertise, with the recognised knowledge and experience to enable practical implementation.



We support our client to achieve successful projects.

Collaboration and Team Development

Helping set up great project teams to be able to manage the complexity of major projects. Our models and processes are based on the latest research on team performance, group dynamics and team coaching.

Stakeholder management and communication

Enable project teams to adopt a structural approach to build positive sustainable relationships with each of the stakeholders groups who will influence the success of a project.

Conflict Avoidance and Resolution

Setting up teams to be resilient under pressure, establishing protocols for early resolution of interpersonal differences and helping the team reset in order to recover from a period of dysfunction.

Risk Monitoring

Using our propriety RADAR system to build an early warning system to identify technical, cultural and behavioural risks that often derail projects if discovered too late.


To ensure that we offer the best value and most expertise to clients we operate an associate model for service delivery.

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