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About Us

ResoLex is an independent project consultancy specialising in risk monitoring, collaborative working and stakeholder engagement.

We use a combination of behavioural theory, technology, and deep industry experience to help project teams create new answers to old problems.

A project cannot be successful unless meets stakeholder needs. Our focus is to ensure that the team has the capacity and capability to deliver on its promises.

Effective teams invest early in collaboration. We live by the collaborative values that we champion by sharing ideas, being open to challenge and stimulating dialogue.

Whatever the problem, someone, somewhere has been there before. Over 15 years we have built up an extensive community of people with the experience and expertise to work through the difficult phases of a project.

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We support our client to achieve successful projects.

Collaboration and Team Development

Helping set up great project teams to be able to manage the complexity of major projects. Our models and processes are based on the latest research on team performance, group dynamics and team coaching.

Stakeholder management and communication

Enable project teams to adopt a structural approach to build positive sustainable relationships with each of the stakeholders groups who will influence the success of a project.

Conflict Avoidance and Resolution

Setting up teams to be resilient under pressure, establishing protocols for early resolution of interpersonal differences and helping the team reset in order to recover from a period of dysfunction.

Risk Monitoring

Using our propriety RADAR system to build an early warning system to identify technical, cultural and behavioural risks that often derail projects if discovered too late.


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ResoLex has a lean management team that focusses on innovation and quality assurance. Our panel of associates are industry experts who, outside of ResoLex work, are actively involved in external project delivery.

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