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Strategic advisory services and consultancy to teams engaged in major projects

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Adapting to meet changing business needs

ResoLex was initially focused on dispute resolution – working with construction businesses to prevent them going through the pain of litigation after every project.

Over time, we have continued to work with construction businesses to not only avoid litigation, but adding value to project delivery through a holistic approach to building and sustaining successful project teams.


Supporting project teams

We continue working alongside a variety of organisations involved in delivering construction and infrastructure projects.

The Collaboration Fallacy – Part 2

In Part One of this article I introduced a concept I called the Collaboration Fallacy, which is an inaccurate assumption that multiple teams engaged in a major project will automatically work together in the best interest of the project. My purpose in articulating the...

Culture in the project environment

There is a growing awareness of the impact that culture has on the success of any large group of people trying to work together. The limited research that has been done tends to focus on culture change in existing businesses, companies, or institutions. There is no...

A story of project leadership, from the Oil and Gas sector

The team at ResoLex have developed a framework for improving the performance of teams working on major projects, which leverages a number of key elements to create a significant positive impact on how large groups of people work together in a project environment. The...

Are you (actively) listening?

According to Lee Howell, the World Economic Forum's Global Head of Programming, the leaders at DAVOS need to be in "active listening mode". "People come to the annual meeting and they have their institutional mandate and goals they seek," Howell said. "But they need...

Our team is growing this year!

Contact us to find out more about the different roles that are available. If you are a specialist in organisational and project culture, change and transition management, collaborative working or leadership development and want to develop those skills further working...

Changing Behaviours in Construction: A complement to the Construction Playbook

The release of the UK government’s Construction Playbook in December 2020 has the potential to be a ‘game-changer’ for the construction industry in the UK. It sets out a series of steps intended to accelerate the delivery of public sector projects, releasing greater...

Using stories to align and engage project teams

ResoLex associate, Fiona Hiscocks from Thrive Change explains how stories connect project team members and align the team for high performance.

Social Intelligence – The Critical Ingredient to Project Success

Delivering projects is a human activity. Generating something new from ‘thin air’ requires groups of people who are able to conceive, plan and then execute a series of complicated activities that will, in some form or other, enhance the lives of other human beings....

The Collaboration Fallacy – Part 1

The benefits of developing collaborative relationships between teams working on large projects are easy to recognise, particularly when operating in a complex and uncertain environment. Studies of successful projects almost always identify the creation of strong...

Peripheral vision

The COVID-19 crisis has forced teams to continue working together using electronic media. Many organisations are finding that at least temporarily, they can operate on a virtual basis, giving much credence to the argument that remote working is at least as effective...

About us

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